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Key benefits of epoxy flooring for garage floors:

  • UV stable topcoat that maintains a glossy finish and won’t yellow or fade over time
  • Exceptional abrasion and impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to oil, gas, salt, and other chemicals
  • Seals surface / prevents surface failures
  • Allows for easier cleaning
  • Provides an anti-slip surface
  • Creates a dust free environment
  • Showroom quality finish
  • Protects your investment

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular options when it comes to concrete coatings and finishing. It has many great qualities that can be adapted to a number of different environments to suit nearly every need. There are a few key things to know when you’re considering having an epoxy floor installed.

1: Proper concrete preparation is mandatory

When concrete is poured, one of the final finishing steps is to power trowel the surface completely smooth. This is done to close off the pores of the concrete and help it resist staining from oils, paints and other things we might typically spill on our garage floor. If an epoxy coating is applied directly over this smooth finish, it has nothing to bond to and will delaminate within a few months or years if you’re very lucky. Acid products are sold to “etch” the concretes surface but we’ve found etching, at most, does nothing more than clean the concrete.

Shot Blasting

At Spartan Coatings, we use a shot blasting machine to remove the concretes smooth finish and create a profile on the floor that epoxy will be able to aggressively adhere to. Shot blasting is a contained/dustless process in which small steel shot is projected at the ground at high speed to profile the floor. Shot blasting creates hundreds of thousands of small edges for the epoxy to cling to. In testing the adhesion strength of epoxy to the concrete after shot blasting, results showed the concrete itself would fracture between 400-500 PSI before the epoxy would delaminate from it. In short, you won’t have to worry about our epoxy coating failing.

At this point we perform repairs to the floor. Filling any cracks, patching spalling and replacing chipped or broken concrete so that the floor is smooth and seamless before coating.

Garage Epoxy Flake Coating
Garage Epoxy Flake Coating

2: Know the quality of product being applied

With proper floor preparation done, you want to make sure the product being applied to the floor will stand the test of time. Like all our products at Spartan Coatings, we have tried and tested many different solutions before coming to a product we can place our confidence in and be proud to install in your home. Our epoxy is a self-leveling, 100 % solids tintable epoxy coating. It is a high build epoxy coating system specifically designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications. With key performance indicators such as, compressive strength: 13,100 psi and tensile strength: 8,200 psi, it is easy to see why we’ve selected this as the epoxy coating of choice. It has excellent heat and chemical resistance, including Skydrol and Hyjet airline break fluids and it protects the floors of maintenance facilities of most major Canadian airlines. It is also approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for incidental contact in federally and provincially inspected meat and poultry plants.

Knowing our epoxy can stand up to the extreme conditions and uses listed above, makes us confident this is the strongest coating we can offer.

3: Finishing material

For our decorative vinyl chip and quartz floors, we use a polyaspartic top coat. For the final clear coat, many of the criteria are the same as the base coat i.e.; excellent chemical resistance and durability. But the clear coat also needs to offer protection from hot tire marks and UV damage all while being easy to clean and maintain. The clear coat is the layer that will protect and show your beautifully finished floor for years to come. Again, we’ve selected only the best product for this. Made up of 100% solids and being designed specifically to be used as a top coat, there is nothing out there that offers the durability, abrasion resistance, gloss and smooth finish of our polyaspartic.

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